Pure Luminescence

is developing, manufacturing, selling and outlicensing the IP-rights of PureGlowTM, our non-toxic & recyclable synthetic luminescent material for radiography and dosimetry.

Our products

Our PureGlowTM products can be optimised and used as a luminescent phosphor in both radiography and dosimetry. All PureGlowTM products are manufactured at our facilities in Turku, Finland.

Our products and their use are protected by several patent families.

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X-ray imaging

The luminescent phosphors that are currently used in imaging plates can be replaced with our PureGlowTM. Unlike the currently used phosphors, PureGlowTM is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Replacing toxic phosphors with our sustainable phosphor will not incur additional costs for the end user. Our studies show that imaging plates made with PureGlowTM will work on existing plate readers. Disposing imaging plates made with PureGlowTM is easy and safe since they are no longer hazardous waste.


In radiation therapy the radiation dose is recorded in the dosimeter and read out from the luminescence the phosphor is emitting. This method provides accurate information about the amount of radiation the desired area has been exposed to. This information and the radiation distribution around the surroundings is extremely important to ensure that the treatment is targeted as closely as possible to the desired area.

Early studies have showed that PureGlowTM can improve the dosimeter sensitivity significantly. Therefore we continue the research to further optimise PureGlowTM for the use in radiotherapy dosimeters.


Are you interested in using PureGlowTM for greener luminescent solutions in your devices?

We are happy to optimise PureGlowTM together with our clients to ensure the best possible fit for your devices. Feel free to contact us and discuss more about the sustainable options for your next generation devices.

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Our Story

PureGlowTM is based on a synthetic hackmanite that has been studied at the University of Turku since 2014. During the studies leading researchers, including our founder Isabella Pönkkä (former Isabella Norrbo), discovered the potential use of synthetic hackmanite in x-ray imaging. The university was then granted a TUTL R2B (Research to Business) project funding from Business Finland. During this project the research team continued the R&D and determined the commercial potential of the innovation. This project focused on the functionality of the material in x-ray imaging plates. When discussing with a potential commercial partner at the end of the project we discovered that the material would also be suitable for use in dosimeters.

Isabella Pönkkä worked in the project as a postdoctoral researcher and Nellie Inkinen worked as a commercializing expert. Pure Luminescence Technologies Oy was incorporated by Isabella, Nellie and Jussi few months after the TUTL-project was completed. Since then four patents have been transferred from the university to our startup company and we’ve exclusively licensed two patents for medical imaging and dosimetry use.


We are happy to develop our products together with our clients to ensure the best possible fit for your devices. Feel free to contact us and discuss more about the sustainable options for your future devices.

Founder & CSO

Isabella Pönkkä

+358 50 551 8855

Isabella was researching synthetic hackmanites at the University of Turku from 2014 to 2021. She graduated as a doctor from the University of Turku in 2019 with a dissertation of “Synthetic hackmanites and their optical properties – from theory to applications”. After her dissertation, Isabella worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University. Isabella is currently the world’s leading hackmanite researcher.


Nellie Inkinen

+358 50 447 7979

Nellie was preparing the commercialization of synthetic hackmanite for two years in the university project as a commercializing expert. At the same time she graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2020 with dissertation “Market Research in Technology commercialization, case: HIPTech -project ”.

Co-founder & Senior advisor

Jussi Pyysalo

+358 40 078 9328

Jussi brings practical experience to our team from the world of business. Jussi has over twenty years of business experience in the health technology and pharmaceutical sector.

private equity investor

Confido Healthcare Group OÜ


Confido helped us to start our business with an early investment. Cooperation with Confido brings us hands-on knowledge about the client needs in healthcare sector and concrete help in building our network in medical field. Confido’s CEO Risto Laur is working as their representative in our board of directors.